Azhikkal Shree Pambadiyal Kshetra

pambadiyal programs 2013

ThayyamAzhikkal Sree Pambadiyal Kshetra is best known for “Nagaradhana” [Worshipping of snakes] in North Kerala. The kshetra sourcefully answers to the prayers and renders solace to the devotees. It is situated at Azhikkal harbor, near the meeting place of Arabian Sea and Valapattanam backwaters and is 5 km from the western end of Valapattanam railway station. There are plenty of local buses from Kannur to Azhikkal ferry. It is just at a walkable distance from the main road. Unlike the other kshetra’s it is devoid of any sanctum Santorum and building. It is surrounded by four walls and stand in the midst of bushes with widely spread banyan tree and has only a stone pillar with a few metal lamps attached to it.

Legendry belief

According to mythology, a yogi walking on the bank of river happens to see a banyan tree and having understood its importance took shelter under the tree. There he witnessed a ‘divine light’ and continued his meditation in the company of divine snakes. The branches on which the Nagas that had accompanied the yogi twined and the hole, in which they lived, later came to be known as ‘Pambadiyal’.

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